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THC Dictionary

Tony Dildo- Anthony Dildo
A Bitch Boy, on Not So Sane Records
Tony D, Dildo Man, 1/2 of the Dildo Bros. Empire, Tony

Dildo Brothers- Tony and Chris Dildo. Formally Frankie and Tony Dildo.
2 Bitch Boys, they make Dildos of all shapes and sizes....eww

Psychopathic Gay- Kyle, Psychopathic K is his former alias currently it is Kapitol.
Also on Not So Sane Records
Tidbit- Gives Best Blow Jobs you can get for a Buck 50.

Not So Sane Records- A record label formed at the height of the Psychopathic Record Rip Offs
Formally Not So Straight Records

Zack- One of the members of THC's Cousin.

Ricky Skanron- Featured in the Smash Hit, Gay People...He likes little boys

Ian Prang- Sucks a lotta wang....only guys he likes to bang.