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These people arent really gay....but the shit list is soo here you go these people all suck. Check em out!

  • Emily L. - chicken head bitch. Does not know how to mind her own fuckin business and has a big mouth. She likes to move from guy to guy giving him head. To sum her all up...WHORE!! and your friend Lauren dont get me started...shes a stupid motormouthed bitch.
  • Eric H. - Shit talkin bitch. Nobody likes you man. Sorry but your a fucking fag and I dare you to talk shit outside of school grounds.

  • Tony Dildo - This kid pimps ugly bitches and cats. He likes little boys. He runs The Dildo Brothers(the most ruthless dildo company ever). He likes dildos...what can i say....FAG

  • C4 - Tony Dildos little brother. He also likes dildos he took over Franky Dildos part in the Dildo Brothers company. He likes to give oral pleasure to horses and other farm animals

  • Ricky S. - "Hes still gay he fingers his ass without lube everyday". He likes Manny Fresh but Manny is straight so back off fag. And dont try and report me to the cops. one more thing....hows that problem coming along?...u know the one where you cant get a hard on. Loser

  • Alex C. - I said he liked it in the ass but i was just kidding. Hes da man.

  • Chris B. - I hate you Chris. Youre a fucking asshole bitch. I wish you would start shit now like you used to. Fuckin cocksmoker.

  • Danielle (crazybaby***) - Stupid cunt. Your lucky you are a female or you'd get slapped like the bitch you are. BITCH

  • Ricky C. - you are the biggest ASSHOLE/PRICK/SHITTALKER like ever. Your a fag and you day will come just talk shit to my face...FAG