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Happy Holidays

THC and The Unknown Would Like to Wish Everyone a Happy Holidays.






Hey the Unknown here, and I got a lot to tell you. Sorry for the lack of updates, but K and I got into some legal trouble, so we've been busy. But in some real THC news, THC's latest album "It's All For Bling Bling" has been hugely successful, people are playin THC's shit in school, bumpin it in their rides, chillin' at home, it's craaazy! But within the next few days THC is gunna make a lot of stuff offical. And it should come before Christmas. In a closing note i'd like to Wish Everyone a Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

-The Unknown-
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Merry Christmas




News on THC

It's Unknown here givin you the latest update on THC. Hope you had a good Turkey Day. Well It turns out THC's site has been doing great. So far they have the #1 song in the region, and they are the #1 band in the region. And out of thousands of songs in NY, their song "Nah Wooooh" is #38. Considering all the bands in front of them are famous, that's really good. In the next few days 2 more tracks will be added to the site, so check that out. Also keep checking up on THC, because they will be having some really big news soon. When I say big, I mean the biggest THC news you can imagine, and it's all good too.

-The Unknown-
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K's News

What up everyone? This is K back from masturbation. The album "Its All For Bling Bling" has been out for about 3 weeks now. It has been doing suprisingly well. If you visit you will see there are a few tracks including Premature Ejaculator , Nah Woooh , and the intro appropriately named Disclaimer. So check out the site and download a track. Also there is a new release of instrumentals by Mr. Top with the group Pieceful Melodies named "Peace Of Ass". We will put up an Mp3 and track listing for it soon. Until then Im out like Tony Dildo's menstruation. PEACE.

- K -

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Bling Bling's Late Release, & Track Listing

Yo What's Up THC fans across the globe...Aight got some news regarding "It's All For Bling Bling." THC is very sorry the album was released so late, but they were remixing some tracks they were unsatisfied with. I guarentee they will kick ass, and the new release date is uncertain at this point. But those who ordered the CD will get it. Also THC wanted to release the offical track listing, so here it is, The Offical Track Listing of "It's All For Bling Bling"

1. Disclaimer
2. More Gay People
3. You Will Die
4. Masturbation Nation
5. Tony Dildo And Cat (skit)
6. The Tony Dildo Experience
7. I Love Myself
8. Phone Convo (skit)
9. My Latin King (remix)
10. Cago
11. Nah Wooh
12. No Point
13. Bagels
14. Its So Big (skit)
15. Losing My Virginity
16. Premature Ejaculator
17. Its All For Bling Bling

Don't bother looking for them on Kazaa, Morpheus, or Audiogalaxy, you won't find it.

One last thing, I made some Buddy Icons for AIM.

If ya wanna use it, Go ahead
- The Unknown-